10 reasons "WHY" you need to support J2G

1. Change is a constant and the U.S. economy is no longer the worlds’ dominant economy. Our share of the world GDP was approximately 31% in 2000 and today it is estimated to be around 25%.

2. Our local economy will face increased competition from other local economies and those economies taking proactive action will fare better than those who don’t.

3. Our local economy is one of the three least diverse economies among the nations 362 MSA’s.

4. Walmart is now the major employer in 20 of 50 states. We have the good fortune of Mayo being our state’s largest employer.

5. DMC seeks to assure Mayo’s continued growth and recognition as one of the world’s dominate health care providers, a vision we all certainly support but Mayo already represents 40% of our local economy. What is Plan B?

6. It will take collective and organized collaboration to grow and diversify the local economy, so 20 years from now Mayo isn’t 50% or more of a local economy, which left to its own may be larger or smaller in terms of total GDP.

7. It will take collective and regional action to create a sustainable and prosperous future for all who have vested interest in securing that future.

8. It will take collective and regional action to create a positive, enduring identity and sense of place recognized both by those who live in our 8 county area and those who don’t.

9. Individual ability to successfully compete for a larger share of the local marketplace over the long term is dependent on a strong and growing economic base.

10. Anticipating the future and collectively engaging in an effort to benefit from inevitable change is the only form of control we truly have try to shape a future that is better for those who follow in our footsteps.

Pacesetter - $50,000 AND OVER

Core - $25,000 AND OVER

Sustaining - $10,000 AND OVER

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Supporting – $5,000 AND OVER

Contributing - UNDER $5,000

300 Club - Under $1, 0000