Health hazards: Important milk recall due to cleaning agents

Recall for "yes! Fresh low-fat milk ”started
Due to possible contamination with cleaning agents, the manufacturer has the “yes! Fresh low-fat milk 1.5% fat ”, which is sold as a private label at Rewe. As a precaution, the milk has already been removed from the market and consumption of purchased products is discouraged, according to the Gmundner Molkerei eGen from Austria. The milk can be returned to the respective sales outlets against a refund of the purchase price.

According to the manufacturer, traces of cleaning agents were found in part of the milk batch as part of a control investigation. Therefore, for reasons of precautionary consumer protection, the consumption of milk is strongly discouraged. The company reacted immediately and had the corresponding product taken out of sale, the Gmundner Molkerei eGen continued. The milk was sold in Bavaria, as well as in parts of Baden-Württemberg, Hesse and Saxony. Customers can return the affected product in the respective market and the purchase price will of course be reimbursed.

According to the Gmundner Molkerei eGen, the “yes! Fresh low-fat milk 1.5% fat has a longer shelf life, pasteurized, homogenized ”in the packaging size of one liter. Only products with a best before date of July 19, 2017, the EAN code: 4388844254725 and the identity code AT - 40138 - Egn are affected. In its current communication, the manufacturer apologizes to the consumer for any inconvenience that may have arisen. (fp)

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