Current studies: Smart people actually live longer

Current studies: Smart people actually live longer

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I Does an increased intelligence quotient lead to increased life expectancy?
Some people in the world have a clearly above average intelligence quotient (IQ). Researchers have now found that people with a particularly high IQ die less often than 80 years of age. In other words, people with high IQ have an increased life expectancy.

Does our intelligence quotient really affect life expectancy? The researchers at the University of Edinburgh found that people with a high intelligence ratio often do not die until they are 80 years old. The doctors published the results of their study in the British Medical Journal (BMT).

Researchers examined the data from over 65,000 subjects
For their current study, the British experts analyzed the data of over 65,000 people from Scotland who were born in 1936. Each of the subjects had taken an intelligence test at the age of eleven. Afterwards, the health of the subjects was medically monitored for a period of 68 years, the scientists explain. The researchers found that an increased intelligence quotient in childhood was associated with a 28 percent lower risk of death from respiratory diseases. In addition, the high intelligence quotient also resulted in a 25 percent reduced risk of fatal coronary heart disease and a 24 percent reduced risk of stroke, the authors add.

High IQ reduces the likelihood of injuries occurring
People with a high intelligence ratio were also less likely to die from injuries, digestive diseases and the effects of dementia, the doctors say. These results also persisted when factors such as socio-economic status were taken into account.

Why do intelligent people live longer?
There are several theories as to why very intelligent people have an increased life expectancy. People with a higher IQ take better care of their health and are generally less likely to start smoking. People with a higher intelligence ratio also tend to be more physically active and see a doctor when they feel they are sick, the researchers say.

Smart people's lifestyle should be imitated
Hopefully, the results of the current study will help us find out how people with high IQs behave throughout their lives, explains author Professor Ian Deary of the University of Edinburgh. This could imitate other people's lifestyles and increase the likelihood of a slightly longer life expectancy and a healthier life.

Genetics also have an impact on life expectancy
However, there is also evidence that genetics is involved in the determined life expectancy. Very rare genetic variants can play an important role in reduced intelligence and can also have a negative impact on people's health, the scientists explain. (as)

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