Strawberry jams in the “eco test”: Lots of sugar in jams and fruit spreads

Strawberry jams in the “eco test”: Lots of sugar in jams and fruit spreads

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"Öko-Test": Strawberry jams and fruit spreads are far too sweet
A German eats around two kilograms of jam each year. Products with strawberries are particularly popular. Most strawberry jams and fruit spreads, however, contain a lot of sugar and sometimes do not taste particularly intense of the fruits. The consumer magazine "Öko-Test" found this in a current study.

Jam on the breakfast table
For many Germans, having a successful weekend means having an extensive breakfast. Bread and rolls are then served with jam, among other things. Germans eat around two kilograms of this on average each year. Strawberry is by far the most popular variety. Actually, the strawberry spread shouldn't be called jam, because according to the law only products made from citrus fruits can be called that. But this hardly plays a role in everyday life. The consumer magazine "Öko-Test" has now taken a closer look at 19 such products. The result: most of them are far too cute.

Too much sugar
“Mainly suitable for breakfast. Regardless of whether it's a fruit spread or an extra jam - you can enjoy many products for breakfast. ”This is the test result of the 19 products examined.

The testers also write in their report: "The first candy of the day."

According to the "Öko-Test", all of the jams and some fruit spreads examined are clearly too sweet if you use the latest recommendation from the World Health Organization (WHO), according to which a maximum of 25 grams of added sugar should be consumed per day.

This corresponds approximately to the amount of six small teaspoons. According to the testers, a 30-gram serving of the spreads already covers over half.

When checking the sugar content, one should not only rely on the corresponding information in the nutritional table.

Because some jams contain cornstarch syrup. This contains "less sugar due to the production process, but instead smaller starch components - so-called multiple sugars - which do not count as sugar, but also have a calorific effect," write the experts.

Some products taste less intense of the fruits
In addition to the sugar content, the pollutant content of the spreads was also tested. Pesticide residues have been found in many conventional brands. The organic spreads were consistently unencumbered.

The sensor test also showed that some products taste less intense of strawberries than others, but have a "strong sweetness".

For some, a "clear cooking note" was found, which was partly typical of the product and wanted because it was perceived by the consumer as a light caramel note.

In some cases, the taste test also convinced poorer fruit products "with intense, strong fruit notes".

Strawberries mostly don't come from Germany
According to the consumer magazine, the brands tested were also examined with regard to the origin of the strawberries used.

“The Schwartauer Werke and organic producer Zwergenwiese advertise with strawberries from Germany, which they were able to prove to us. The other manufacturers say they often source the fruit from Poland, southern Europe or Turkey, ”the report says.

“Öko-Test” also dealt with the labor law conditions of the manufacturing companies. According to the magazine, only a few producers were able to provide information on the wages paid to the harvesters.

The entire industry shows "an extremely low wage level, which can explain the low store prices to a large extent". In Egypt, for example, the wage level is only 0.86 euros per hour, there is no statutory minimum wage there.

By the way: jams and co can also be easily made by yourself. This ensures that there is not too much sugar, but sufficient fruit, that there are no pesticide residues and that no people have been exploited during production. (ad)

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