Survey result: Never before have so many German people used condoms to protect themselves from HIV

Survey result: Never before have so many German people used condoms to protect themselves from HIV

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Protection against HIV: More Germans than ever use condoms
The United Nations agreed on an ambitious plan last year: the global AIDS epidemic should end by 2030. Condoms help protect against HIV infection. The results of a current survey are therefore encouraging: According to this, more Germans than ever use condoms to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases.

The best protection against HIV and other sexually transmitted infections
International research has shown that sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise. In Germany too, more and more people suffer from dangerous venereal diseases. And the number of new HIV infections in Germany is on a sustained level. The cornerstone of HIV prevention is the recommendation to use condoms. More citizens than ever follow this advice.

More condom users than ever
Although it is still uncomfortable for many people to buy condoms, more people in Germany than ever protect themselves against HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases with condoms.

In a survey conducted by the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA), 91 percent of those over 16 years of age with more than one sexual partner in the past 12 months stated that they "always, often or occasionally use condoms".

This is the highest value since the start of the representative survey "AIDS in the public consciousness", which the BZgA has been carrying out at regular intervals since 1988, according to a statement.

At that time the figure was 54 percent, in 2000 79 percent. 3,000 people aged 16 and over were surveyed nationwide in the period from October to December 2016.

If symptoms occur, see a doctor
However, the survey also showed that even people who are concerned about whether they could have contracted a sexually transmitted infection often do not go to the doctor.

Of the 40 percent of people with multiple sexual partners who made such considerations, only about 58 percent went to see a doctor.

Dr. Heidrun Thaiss, head of the BZgA, therefore said: "The results of our representative study show that people must be encouraged to talk to their doctor about a possible sexually transmitted infection."

She said: “Sexually transmitted infections pose risks. Infertility can be a possible consequence if, for example, a chlamydia infection remains untreated. "

The Federal Center therefore wants to motivate not only to use a condom, but also to visit a doctor if there are symptoms of such an infection with new posters and advertisements. (ad)

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