This is the only way to alleviate pain after a herniated disc

This is the only way to alleviate pain after a herniated disc

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Strengthen back: relieve severe pain after herniated disc
The majority of German citizens suffer from back pain from time to time. These are often due to poor posture and insufficient exercise. In some cases, a herniated disc is the cause of the symptoms. Experts explain how to relieve pain.

People's back pain
Back pain has become a real widespread disease. Although the complaints can sometimes have psychological causes, health experts say that over 80 percent of these conditions are muscular. Fascia is also often the cause of the pain. And an estimated one to five percent of all people will experience low back pain at some point in their life that results from a herniated disc, reports the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWIG) on its portal "".

The body does the main work in recovery
When you hear the word “intervertebral disc”, you quickly think of unbearable pain. In fact, a herniated disc can cause very severe pain that radiates from the leg to the foot. In such cases, experts speak of sciatica (colloquially "sciatica").

However, some sufferers are lucky: Some have no symptoms at all, even though their intervertebral discs are bulging.

According to the IQWIG, even severe sciatic pain can subside over time - usually within six weeks. In the meantime, various pain relief treatments can help to cope with the symptoms.

Special exercises for back pain or heat therapy can often help to alleviate the suffering.

However, it has not yet been proven that certain therapies significantly accelerate recovery. As a rule, the body does the main work itself.

Relieve pain after a herniated disc
If severe sciatica symptoms that can clearly be attributed to a herniated disc last longer than a month and a half, surgery can help to relieve the affected nerve.

The question of surgery in case of a herniated disc yes or no? but should always be carefully considered. A second opinion may also have to be obtained.

To alleviate the symptoms, some people are recommended to go to rehab. For example, patients who can no longer work because of the pain. Rehabilitation can also make sense after an operation.

This can include back training, stretching and relaxation exercises, strength training and other measures.

The goal of rehab is to reduce discomfort, improve the stability of the spine and strengthen the core muscles.

According to other experts, classic natural remedies, such as those by Sebastian Kneipp or Hildegard von Bingen, or manual forms of therapy such as the Fascia Distortion Model (FDM), Rolfing or osteopathy can also help against sciatica complaints - which are not always due to a herniated disc. (ad)

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