Regularly a glass of lukewarm lemon water for health every morning

A glass of lukewarm lemon water every morning after getting up
Lukewarm lemon water is highly recommended in the morning as a healthy “start drink”. Important vitamins and nutrients are added to the body. In addition, digestion is stimulated and liquid is added. In addition, drinking the lemon water in the morning is a good weight loss aid.

Lemon water in the morning helps you lose weight
To lose weight more easily, it helps to move as soon as you wake up. This can start in bed, for example by moving your legs while lying down like riding a bicycle. Weight loss can also help if you drink a glass of honey water in the morning, as this mix has a filling effect. Health apostles like the Hollywood actress prefer to start their day with a glass of warm lemon water. This drink not only helps you lose weight, it is also good for your health.

The positive effect of the drink has been used for centuries
Lemon water combines the positive effects of lukewarm water and lemon juice. The drink stimulates digestion and helps you lose weight.

In addition, the moisture in the morning, which has emptied during the night, is slowly replenished by the liquid in the morning.

The lemon juice adds important nutrients and vitamin C to the drink. In addition, citric acid is metabolized in the body in a basic manner, which counteracts acidification and promotes detoxification.

The Indian health education Ayurveda has been using the positive effects of this easy-to-produce drink for centuries. To this day, lemon water is known as a home remedy for detoxifying the liver.

Not too hot and not too cold
A liter of water is boiled briefly to prepare the lemon water. Then it should cool down before adding the squeezed juice of half a lemon and the slices of the other half.

If the water is still too hot, the healthy ingredients of the lemon such as potassium, calcium, vitamin C and pectin are partially destroyed. If the water is too cold, it can put a strain on the digestive tract.

In addition to the digestive and detoxifying effects of lemon water, there are also beneficial effects on the immune system, which are mainly attributed to the vitamin C it contains.

The lemon water helps to strengthen the immune system and has a positive effect on blood pressure due to the potassium it contains.

Vitamin C also promotes wound healing. When used externally, lemon water can also be used for skin care. It fights bacteria, tightens the connective tissue, protects against free radicals and thus acts as an anti-aging agent.

Experts advise against consuming too much vitamin C, as this can lead to kidney stones. This was also shown in a study published in the specialist magazine "JAMA Internal Medicine". (ad)

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