To reduce weight: the heaviest man in the world is operated on

To reduce weight: the heaviest man in the world is operated on

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Formerly 600 kilos: Heaviest man in the world wants to undergo surgery
Probably the heaviest man in the world was admitted to a hospital in Mexico where he plans to undergo surgery to continue losing weight. He has already lost 175 of his almost 600 kilos to a physically supervised diet.

Obesity with serious complications
If you are very overweight (obesity), you are at risk of serious complications such as diabetes, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) or disorders of the lipid metabolism. In addition, the risk of cardiovascular diseases, such as a heart attack or stroke, increases. The 32-year-old Juan Pedro Franco from Mexico has also been exposed to all these dangers for years. Probably the heaviest man the man now wants to have surgery to reduce his weight.

Almost 30 percent of the initial weight was lost
The 32-year-old had weighed up to 595 kilos before shedding 175 kg through a medically supervised diet in a special clinic.

His doctor, Jose Antonio Castaneda Cruz, said, according to a report in the British newspaper Independent, that "he has lost nearly 30 percent of his initial weight and is now ready for bariatric surgery."

In the meantime, he has been admitted to a hospital where he plans to undergo a bypass operation in a few days in order to continue losing weight.

The patient had to lose weight before the procedure
According to media reports, the Mexican was initially told that his health condition does not allow him to be operated on.

But the previous weight loss and the reduction of the diseases associated with being overweight have now made this possible.

According to a report from "", Juan Pedro Franco said: "I have to stay optimistic because if I get depressed it will only get worse. So we have to look ahead and give everything. Everything we can do must be done. If you (doctors) help me, I will thank you and I thank the doctors who take care of me and who support me. "

Because of his advanced diabetes and the risk of organ failure, doctors have advised the patient about the potentially life-saving intervention that could help to cut his weight in half in the long term.

Heaviest woman in the world successfully treated
However, such operations are always associated with certain risks in extremely overweight people.

This was also the case with the operation of the former fatest woman in the world. The Egyptian Eman Ahmed had to drastically reduce her weight before the bypass operation. In the meantime, the woman who once weighed 500 kilos “only” weighs 170 kg.

According to the attending doctor, Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala from Saifee Hospital in Mumbai (India), her treatment can be seen as a "medical miracle".

The Egyptian, who had not left her apartment in Alexandria for over two decades due to her overweight and the associated diseases, was brought to India in February for the life-saving operation. (ad)

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