Doctors: Pulling or Desolating: How to Get Rid of Spider Veins and Varicose Veins

What can help with spider veins and varicose veins
Spider veins are often only a cosmetic problem, but they can also indicate vein problems. Those affected should therefore best clarify the causes of the bluish-red veins with a specialist. You can also do something about spider veins and varicose veins.

Mostly harmless from a medical point of view
The small bluish-red veins that shimmer through the skin appear especially on the legs. The fine ramifications resemble thin branches - that is, travelers - from which sweeping brooms were previously made. Spider veins are generally harmless from a medical point of view, but it cannot be ruled out that this is a serious vein weakness. In order to be certain, you should have a specialist examined. If necessary, he can explain the necessary treatment options.

A purely cosmetic problem
The exact causes of spider veins have not yet been scientifically clarified. Those affected often have an inherited predisposition to this.

In addition, the development of spider veins is promoted, among other things, by obesity or obesity, lack of exercise and hormonal changes during pregnancy. Women are generally more affected than men.

Agents such as raw potatoes or unripe tomatoes, which are often recommended for spider veins, do not help, explains Guido Bruning, venous specialist at the Hamburg Tabea hospital.

In a message from the dpa news agency, he explains: "Spider veins cannot be treated by yourself." To get rid of them, you have to go to the doctor.

However, this is not necessary because spider veins are not dangerous. "It's a purely cosmetic problem," said Bruning.

Health insurance companies do not pay for the treatment of spider veins
During treatment, the doctor pricks the enlarged blood vessels in the legs and injects a sclerosing agent into them.

As explained in the dpa report, three to four sessions are necessary to make the blue veins disappear. According to Bruning, each session costs between 40 and 100 euros. The costs are not covered by the health insurance companies.

It looks different with varicose veins. In contrast to spider veins, these enlarged leg veins, which can be palpated from the outside, are due to valve damage in the veins.

Normally, the vein pump stimulates the veins to send the blood flowing downwards back to the heart. When the associated valves - the venous valves - are no longer properly sealed, the blood flows back again.

The blood vessels also wear out. "We do not yet know whether one thing causes the other, that is, the damaged valves wear out the veins or whether both things happen at the same time," explains Bruning.

Treatment options for varicose veins
As stated in the communication, varicose veins should be treated, as otherwise chronic wounds could arise that would no longer heal. "The patient can wear compression stockings." In this way, the transport capacity in the veins is increased by an external stimulus.

A vein specialist can also pull out the affected main vein with local anesthesia and a small incision in the groin.

"The third option is to" boil "the vein." With this method, a catheter is inserted into the vein below the knee. The blood vessel is then heated with electricity or light. Then the tissue dies.

According to Bruning, varicose veins rarely come back if the procedure - whether with a cut or catheter - is carried out well. The vein specialist recommends that you go to a surgeon who frequently performs such procedures.

Move a lot and put your legs up
Although health experts give tips on how to prevent spider veins and varicose veins, there is no reliable scientific knowledge.

However, it is generally recommended to exercise a lot. For example, walking can help to reflux the blood. In addition, the leg is recommended to be raised frequently.

In principle, water applications can also have a beneficial effect on the legs. This includes, for example, the cold knee cast, a well-tried home remedy for varicose veins.

However, heat is not advisable. People with spider veins or varicose veins should not go to the sauna several times a week, because the blood vessels are additionally expanded. (ad)

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