Cancer researchers: Strawberries can protect against breast cancer tumors

Cancer researchers: Strawberries can protect against breast cancer tumors

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Study examines effects of strawberry extract consumption on breast cancer
Can strawberries help treat breast cancer? Researchers have now found that an extract from strawberries appears to be preventing cancer cells from spreading. Not only is the ongoing spread of cancer stopped, the tumors also began to shrink.

The researchers at Marche Polytechnic University in Italy discovered in their investigation that an extract from strawberries prevents the spread of cancer cells grown in the laboratory and even shrinks existing tumors. The doctors published the results of their study in the scientific journal "Scientific Reports".

Strawberry extract reduces the weight and size of cancerous tumors
After a special diet with lots of strawberries over a period of five weeks, the mice showed no signs of progressive cancer spread in the laboratory and their tumors had even shrunk, the experts explain. "We have seen a significant reduction in the weight and volume of the tumors," adds author Maurizio Battino from Marche Polytechnic University.

Success in mice must be checked on humans
The cancer cells used in the experiments came from a highly aggressive and invasive strain. However, the results observed in animal experiments would not necessarily mean that the same effects also occur in humans, the researchers explain.

Strawberry extract blocks biological processes from cancer
Previous studies have already shown that consuming ten to 15 strawberries a day could lead to lower blood cholesterol levels leading to healthier arteries, the scientists suspect. So-called phenolic plant compounds in the fruits are responsible for the positive effects found, the authors add. Strawberry extract apparently blocks the biological processes that are involved in tumor growth and the spread of cancer.

Cancer arises from the interaction between cellular and molecular systems
The activity of several genes that play a role in metastasis or help cancer spread was reduced by the strawberry extract, according to the researchers. The majority of diseases, including cancer, are extremely complex and involve complex interactions between cellular and molecular systems that determine the development of the disease, explains author Dr. Battino.

Clinical and epidemiological studies must complement the results
These results undoubtedly apply to understanding the potential impact of strawberry consumption on breast cancer and the molecular mechanisms involved. Nevertheless, the results obtained must be supplemented by clinical and epidemiological studies. It can then be checked whether the same positive effects can be observed in humans as in mice, says the expert. (as)

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