Hygiene in public toilets: which cabin is usually the cleanest

Hygiene in public toilets: which cabin is usually the cleanest

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Public toilets: It is usually the cleanest in a certain cabin
Many people try to avoid going to public toilets wherever possible. After all, you don't know who used the toilets, how intensively they were cleaned, and which pathogens may be lurking there. But sometimes it has to be easy. A scientist is now explaining how to find the most hygienic cabin.

Unhygienic conditions in public toilets
Visiting a public toilet is often uncomfortable. Not every quiet place is cleaned regularly and well enough. This is not only disgusting, but sometimes also a health hazard. However, less than is often assumed. For example, health experts point out that there is little need to worry about venereal diseases caused by infections with toilet glasses. Nevertheless, hygiene is particularly important when visiting the toilet. A scientist from the United States now has a special tip: He explains where the cleanest toilet cubicle is usually located.

Which cabin is the cleanest?
When you visit a public toilet, the question arises as to which cabin is the cleanest. You can get a quick impression by opening several doors, but only the superficial cleanliness can be assessed.

It is probably better to have an explanation from the doctor Dr. Mehmet Oz from Columbia University in New York. On the Internet platform "Sharecare", the expert explains which cabin should be used to prevent possible infections.

"According to experts, people tend to skip the first cabin to have a little more privacy," said Oz.

“Since the first cabin is used the least, there are fewer bacteria in it. Instead of skipping the first cabin, this should be chosen to avoid possible infections. ”

The most important hygiene rule
However, the cabin closest to the front door does not always have to be the most frequented.

Nicholas Christenfeld of the University of California at San Diego reported years ago in his journal Psychological Science (title: Choices from identical options; published 1995) about his experiment on the habits of choosing a toilet, which showed that more people are middle-class Toilets (60 percent) used the ones on the edge (40 percent).

In order to arrive at the result, all toilet cubicles were provided with the same amount of toilet paper and the consumption was then measured.

How often or rarely a toilet is used or how much toilet paper is used there, of course, does not generally say anything about the hygienic conditions.

In principle, every visitor to a public toilet should ensure that it is clean enough. Washing hands is the most important hygiene rule. (ad)

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