Recall started: Vegetable Tetesept cough syrup may contain broken glass

Recall started: Vegetable Tetesept cough syrup may contain broken glass

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Tetesept Pharma: recall of cough syrup
The pharmaceutical manufacturer “Tetesept Pharma” is recalling the plant-based “tetesept cough syrup alcohol and sugar free”. The expiry date “February 2020” is affected. According to the manufacturer, glass fragments could have flattened out when the “Tetesept cough syrup alcohol and sugar-free 2.33 g / 100 ml liquid size 140 grams” was filled. Therefore, the company decided to start a recall in the interests of precautionary consumer protection.

In Germany, around 1,000 bottles with batch number 794418 are affected. Users can recognize the special number by the label on the back of the bottle. Anyone who has already bought the cough syrup can return it for a refund of the purchase price.

tetesept cough syrup alcohol and sugar free contains natural active ingredients of the plantain known in naturopathy. The cough syrup is used to relieve the urge to cough and to relieve cold symptoms such as cough and hoarseness. The inflammatory process is also inhibited by an antibacterial effect. (sb)

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