Heart study: yo-yo effects increase the risk of serious cardiovascular diseases

Heart study: yo-yo effects increase the risk of serious cardiovascular diseases

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Heart attack and stroke risk with weight fluctuations significantly increased
The attempt to diet often ends with the yo-yo effect after the first experiences of success. If you try a diet more often and then put on body weight again, according to a recent study, you may have to accept significantly higher health risks. The fluctuation in body weight increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and the likelihood of premature death - especially in patients who already have coronary artery disease (CAD), the research team led by Professor Sripal Bangalore from the New York University School of reports Medicine.

Body weight fluctuation is a risk factor for coronary events and premature death in patients without cardiovascular disease, the scientists report. In their current study, the researchers examined the extent to which the yo-yo effect poses a risk, especially in patients with existing coronary artery disease. In CHD patients, the risk of premature death and other cardiovascular diseases increases significantly if repeated diets with a subsequent yo-yo effect are carried out. The scientists published their study results in the specialist journal "New England Journal of Medicine" (NEJM).

Increased risk of coronary and cardiovascular diseases
Using 9,509 subjects, the researchers checked possible connections between fluctuating body weight and coronary diseases (e.g. heart attack) and cardiovascular diseases (e.g. peripheral vascular disease) in a broader sense. Within the observation period, the researchers registered 2,091 coronary diseases, 2,727 cardiovascular diseases and 487 Deaths. When analyzing the fluctuations in body weight, the researchers found that the fifth of the subjects with the greatest fluctuation in body weight had a 64 percent higher risk of a coronary event than the fifth of the subjects with the smallest weight fluctuations.

Heart attack and stroke risk
The risk of a cardiovascular event was 85 percent higher in the group with the greatest weight fluctuations, and that of premature death was 124 percent higher, the scientists report. In addition, the risk of heart attack was 117 percent higher and the risk of stroke 136 percent higher than among the subjects with the least weight fluctuations, the researchers write in the NEJM.

Better to avoid dieting?
The scientists conclude that patients with coronary artery disease have a significantly higher rate of cardiovascular diseases due to the fluctuation in body weight and die much more often prematurely. An aspect that should always be taken into account when planning a diet. In the worst case, the health risk from the yo-yo effect is higher than a constant excess weight. (fp)

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