Vegetable oils: Do not source cold-pressed oil in large bottles

Vegetable oils: Do not source cold-pressed oil in large bottles

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Pay attention to the shelf life of vegetable oils
Whether olive, rapeseed or walnut oil: consumers should only buy cold-pressed oils in small bottles. Because, as Harald Seitz from the Federal Center for Nutrition informs, these only last a few weeks - even if they were stored in a dark and cool place. Alternatively, it is advisable to have different oils in small quantities at home and depending on your taste, e.g. to use for roasting or for salads.

Selection of vegetable oils is immense
Oils are used almost constantly in the kitchen, be it for roasting, marinating or for salads. The selection in the supermarket is huge and it is often difficult to keep an overview of all the bottles.

Many varieties cannot be heated to high temperatures
Which oil do I use for what? “It simply depends on what I want to prepare with the oil. Many oils have their own taste, and of course it has to suit the particular dish, ”explains nutritionist Harald Seitz from the Federal Center for Nutrition in a radio report. In addition, many oils are not suitable for frying, but others are very high heatable, the expert continues.

“When searing meat in the pan, temperatures of up to 200 degrees Celsius are reached. And this is only tolerated for designated frying fats and some refined [...] vegetable oils. This includes, for example, refined peanut, rapeseed, sunflower or olive oil, ”Seitz says. "Cold-pressed oils are more exciting for cold dishes with a lot of taste, such as antipasti or salads," continues the nutritionist. Because these would retain more flavors and secondary plant substances through the low-heat processing.

Cold-pressed oils have a limited shelf life
Cold pressed oils such as However, olive, almond or walnut oil should not be bought in large bottles. Because the fat only lasts a few weeks, even if it is stored dark and cool. For this reason, it is advisable to buy different oils in small quantities, so that you can vary according to taste and area of ​​application. (No)

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