Regular coffee consumption can increase the likelihood of pregnancy

Regular coffee consumption can increase the likelihood of pregnancy

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Caffeine: getting pregnant faster with coffee?
Couples are often advised to use the strangest methods when they want to have children. Some people think that certain positions in particular could help with intercourse. Others point to eating a healthy diet and staying away from cigarettes and alcohol. Coffee, however, should be drunk. A new study suggests that caffeine may increase the chance of pregnancy.

Coffee is healthier than expected
Coffee has long been considered a health hazard, but today we know that the popular hot beverage is healthier than most people think. It can be good for the heart and also prevent hardening of the arteries. In addition, according to scientific studies, coffee can reduce the risk of colon cancer and the risk of dementia in women. A new study now suggests that drinking coffee may also increase the chances of having children.

Caffeine pushes eggs
For many, there is no better remedy for fatigue than coffee. The hot drink not only pushes people, but also egg cells.

Chinese researchers from Huazhong University in Wuhan report in the specialist magazine "Oncotarget".

In experiments on mice, the team of scientists found that their egg cells are not only longer fertile under the influence of caffeine, but that they can also form more viable embryos after fertilization.

Investigations with mice
In order to arrive at their results, the researchers removed egg cells and the cumulus cells that nourished them. When the egg cell ages, the cumulus cells separate, resulting in cell death. However, this often did not happen under the influence of caffeine.

According to the scientists, several indicators of the aging process were missing under the influence of caffeine. This obviously increases the chances of having children:

While 62 percent of the cells treated with caffeine were successfully fertilized, none of the conventionally cultivated eggs succeeded.

Further studies should show whether the new findings also apply to humans.

Influence of coffee consumption on the probability of pregnancy
The impact of coffee on the likelihood of getting pregnant has also been studied in previous studies.

An Italian study published in 1997 showed that coffee consumption had a positive impact on the likelihood of pregnancy.

However, other research suggests that women who drink a lot of coffee have to wait longer to have children. (ad)

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