TCM research: electroacupuncture effective for migraines

According to a study, electroacupuncture can alleviate the symptoms of migraines
With electro acupuncture, migraine attacks become less frequent and shorter. A Chinese study shows that the procedure significantly reduces the number of migraine attacks.

Chinese TCM experts conducted a three-arm controlled trial involving a total of 242 patients with migraines without aura between the ages of 18 and 65. On average, the patients suffered 4.9 migraine attacks per month.

The subjects were divided into three groups. Two groups received treatment with needles, once at acupuncture points and in the second group at non-acupuncture points. Treatment was given five days a week within four weeks. The third group was not treated, but was promised to receive acupuncture treatment later.

Four acupuncture points were used per session: these included the two points GB20 and GB8. The items SJ5, GB34, BL60, SI3, LI4, ST44, LR3 and GB40 were also available. No other acupuncture points were allowed in the verum group. In the control group, points were chosen that are not considered classic acupuncture points.

The frequency of migraine attacks decreased by 3.2 in the acupuncture group, but only by 2.1 in the group with sham acupuncture. The result for patients without intervention was similar to that for sham acupuncture.

The average number of days with migraines was also lower in the verum group than in the group with sham acupuncture. You can find the study here.

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