Better care for diabetics decided

Better care for diabetics decided

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New contract: diabetics should be better cared for
There are more and more diabetics in Germany. In the meantime, almost seven million people with so-called diabetes live in this country. After the diagnosis, those affected are usually recommended a healthier lifestyle. But in most cases, additional medical measures have to be taken. Better care for diabetes patients has now been decided.

Healthy eating and exercise
The number of diabetes patients continues to rise. One of the reasons for this is the increasing frequency of overweight and obesity. People with diabetes are usually advised to eat healthy, lose weight if necessary, and exercise regularly to lower their blood sugar. However, the majority of diabetics have to inject insulin regularly because their bodies no longer produce this hormone. The care of those affected is now to be improved.

Unnecessary waiting times are eliminated
The health insurance company Barmer and the German Pharmacists Association (DAV) have agreed new rules for the care of diabetics with aids to determine blood sugar. As stated in a press release, unnecessary waiting times are now no longer required when supplying blood glucose meters. The contract between the cash register and pharmacists comes into effect on March 1, 2017.

“From now on, diabetics can get certain blood glucose meters in the pharmacy without submitting a cost estimate. This saves you from waiting times and reduces unnecessary bureaucracy, ”said Dr. Mani Rafii, board member of Barmer.

Take the measuring device with the test strip immediately
According to the chairman of the DAV, Fritz Becker, the contract with the Barmer "is a role model for us in providing diabetics with blood glucose test strips."

“Everyone involved benefits from the agreement. The pharmacies are protected from price increases by the manufacturers and have planning security, while the health insurance company uses funds more efficiently. ”

But the patient benefit is decisive. "The well-adjusted patients do not have to worry because they will continue to be supplied as before," said Becker: "Anyone who is set up for new test strips now has the additional option of taking the measuring device with the test strips immediately."

Particularly economical and high quality test strips
According to the information, the Barmer diabetics continue to have access to all test strips on the market via the contract.

It is said that in addition to the existing price groups, it includes a third group for particularly economical and high-quality test strips. Accordingly, there are already 88 blood glucose test strips in the third price group.

According to the health insurance fund, the contract should ensure that the switch from patients to new test strips is as smooth as possible.

The central component is the comprehensive advice from the pharmacist when the diabetic receives a new, equivalent measuring device with alternative test strips. (ad)

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