Counteracting antibiotic resistance more effectively in the future

Counteracting antibiotic resistance more effectively in the future

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Antibiotic resistance: increased research and development of new drugs
More and more people are dying from germs that are resistant to antibiotics. If such medications stop working, even small inflammations can become a big risk. Research and development of new antibiotics should now be promoted more.

Millions killed by multi-resistant germs
If the problem of increasing antibiotic resistance is not soon brought under control, scientists face a horrific scenario. According to an older study by the Berlin Charité, there could be around ten million deaths from multi-resistant germs by 2050. The Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) recently announced that it is determined to fight antibiotic resistance. A new report now underlines the importance of antibiotic research and development.

One of the biggest challenges for global health policy
As the Ministry wrote in a statement, only a few manufacturers worldwide are investing in the development of new antibiotics. Combating antibiotic resistance is one of the greatest challenges for global health policy.

According to the ministry, Germany has put the fight against antibiotic resistance on the international agenda and made it a focus of its international health policy.

As stated in the communication, the G7 health ministers agreed in the “Berlin Declaration”, among other things, to examine incentives to promote research and development of new antibiotics and diagnostics.

The cornerstone of our health care
The BMG has commissioned an expert opinion on how research and development of new antibiotics can be funded, which is now being published.

Federal Health Minister Hermann Gröhe said: "If we no longer have effective antibiotics, a fundamental pillar of our health care will break down."

"We need an international effort to bring momentum into the research and development of new antibiotics," the minister continued.

"The report offers a good basis for further international discussion. Because no state can win the fight against antibiotic resistance and lack of antibiotic therapy alone. It is therefore good that the OECD is now taking up the topic. ”

Establishing clear requirements for new antibiotics
The report "Breaking through the Wall" commissioned by the BMG names measures to strengthen the research and development of new antibiotics.

These include, for example, the definition of clear requirements for new antibiotics and the introduction of a global fund to strengthen basic research.

According to the ministry, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) will now work with the World Health Organization (WHO) and other organizations to prepare a report on combating antibiotic resistance, which should be made available to the G20 countries for further consultation. The report will provide an important basis for this. (ad)

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