Well-tried home remedy: Matjes helps against the hangover

Well-tried home remedy: Matjes helps against the hangover

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Not only popular for carnivals
In many places, there is a merry party on Carnival days. If you wake up with a fat head after the party, you can save the day with plenty of fluids and a hangover breakfast. The Matjes is wonderfully suited for this. It fills the stomach, supplies the body with valuable fatty acids and compensates for salt loss.

The Dutch prefer to eat the delicacy neat and from hand to mouth. Onions should always be served separately, otherwise the fine aroma will be lost. In the warm kitchen, matjes is served as an accompaniment to the finished dish, as it should not be cooked. It tastes particularly fine with a smoky aroma or combined with beetroot, pear and ginger.

Every matjes is a herring, but not every herring is suitable for processing the matjes. He must be "virgin". Only if he has not yet produced any roe or milk this season does he have a high fat content of 15 to 20 percent. The fish are mostly caught from May to July off the Norwegian and Danish coasts, but also in the southern and western North Sea, explains the Fish Information Center (FIZ).

Only the special ripening process turns the herring into matjes. In the so-called throat, it is usually removed by hand so that part of the pancreas is preserved. The natural enzymes, together with the salt, ensure that a delicate and tasty delicacy is created. Before processing, the matjes are snap-frozen to minus 45 degrees Celsius in order to kill any parasites that may be present. In this way it is available in high quality all year round - also for the carnival.

High-quality goods can be recognized by the marzipan-bright color and a buttery scent of sea and algae. The underside of the fillet may be slightly reddish. Since the fish is perishable, it should be stored in a cool place and if possible consumed on the day of purchase. When shopping, look for the blue seal of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). The label in the form of a white fish on a blue oval stands for environmentally friendly fishing that aims to preserve stocks. (Heike Kreutz, bzfe)

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