Healthy through the carnival

Alaaf and Helau - the fifth season is the highlight of the year for many. In the days after the carnival, however, there is often a boom in ENT practices. Colds, flu or noise trauma are among the most common complaints with which the jackets have to see a doctor. HNOnet NRW, an association of established ear, nose and throat doctors, explains how carnivalists can protect themselves.

First: The flu wave reached its annual high in February. Especially in large crowds and in close contact, as is the case with Mardi Gras parades, viruses have it easy to spread quickly. "In addition, they encounter an immune system that is often weakened by the past winter and is particularly vulnerable," explains CEO and ENT doctor Dr. Uso Walter. So: Beware of contacts that are too close. In addition, many costumes look great, but are rarely weather-friendly in winter temperatures. The carnival fools cool down and the risk of infections increases.

So: pay attention to weather-appropriate clothing. And if you then look too deep into the glass, you will not even notice anything from the hypothermia and will weigh yourself in deceptive security. So: moderate alcohol consumption is the order of the day if you want to protect yourself from the common cold.

Carnival without loud music would only be half as nice. Anyone who has just sung loudly often notices a beep on the way home and only perceives environmental noise as if it were cotton wool. Experts then speak of noise trauma. As a rule, however, they give the all-clear quickly, because most of them regain their full hearing the next day. If numbness or beeping persists for more than three days, be sure to see a doctor. It mostly affects people who have a lot of stress. But long-lasting exposure to noise, for example due to overly tuned music on iPod & Co., is also a favorable factor. So: “Avoid the immediate vicinity of the music boxes and get earplugs. This prevents hearing loss. "

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