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Rare skin disease: First girl with "Baummann syndrome" successfully operated on
In Bangladesh, doctors operated on a girl a few days ago who suffers from a rare skin disease. The face of the ten-year-old was disfigured by the so-called "Baummann syndrome". Now she was freed from the growths.

First female patient with "Baummann syndrome"
According to media reports, doctors in Bangladesh operated on a girl a few days ago who she believed to be the first female patient with the so-called "Baummann syndrome". The doctors removed growths on the face and ears of ten-year-old Sahana Khatun during the operation. According to the doctors at Dhaka University Hospital, the operation was successful. Hopefully the patient will be able to leave the hospital soon.

Extremely rare skin disease
Doctors believe the girl is suffering from the extremely rare, genetic skin disease epidermodysplasia verruciformis, which is associated with an increased susceptibility to human papillomavirus (HPV).

As a result of HPV infections, scaly patches of skin and nodules, especially on the hands and feet, can occur, some of which can take on gigantic proportions.

According to Samanta Lal Sen, head of the Department of Burns and Plastic Surgery, fewer than half a dozen people worldwide suffer from the disease associated with the bark-like growths.

All those affected so far have been male
So far, the patients have only been men. But Sahana Khatun may be the first female victim. "We believe she is the first woman," said Sen, according to a Guardian report.

Another doctor at the clinic involved said that the young patient may be a lighter form of the rare skin disease. And that she could recover faster than other people affected.

Girl comes from very poor backgrounds
The girl's father, a rural worker, said he didn't worry at first when the first growths appeared on his daughter's face months ago.

But when they got bigger, he brought them to the capital for treatment. "We are very poor. My daughter lost her mother when she was six years old. I really hope that the doctors can remove the growths from my pretty daughter's face, ”said Mohammad Shahjahan before the operation.

Whether the young girl actually suffers from epidermodysplasia verruciformis can only be clearly determined after further tests.

Five kilos of growth
Plastic surgeon Samanta Lal Sen already had experience with the rare disease. Just a few weeks ago, he and his team had removed five kilos of tree-like growths on hands and feet from the 27-year-old father Abul Bajandar from Bangladesh in a total of 16 operations.

The doctor, like Sahana, had been treated free of charge by the medical staff at the university hospital.

Sen spoke of a milestone in the history of medicine in connection with successful treatment. If the growths do not reappear, Bajandar would be the first person to be cured of the disease.

The doctors hope that the ten-year-old Sahana will only need one operation. According to Sen, her illness was still in its early stages. (ad)

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