Allergenic ingredients: winery recalls red wine

Allergenic ingredients: winery recalls red wine

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Allergen labeling missing: Recall for red wine started
The wine and spirits manufacturer Frick from Rhineland-Palatinate is calling back a red wine because the allergen label is missing on the bottles. For certain people, such as those suffering from histamine intolerance, this information is very important.

No allergen labeling on wine bottles
The family winery Karl Hendrik Frick from Duchroth in Rhineland-Palatinate has started a recall for the product "Our House Wine Pizza Pasta Basta". As reported on the portal "" by the federal states and the Federal Office of Consumer Protection, dry red wine from Italy lacks "allergen labeling such as e.g. "Contains sulfites" even though the wine contains the allergenic substance "sulfur dioxide".

Some people cannot tolerate wine
Therefore, the winery offers the return of the bottled wines purchased. According to the information, the wine was distributed in almost all federal states.

Sulfur dioxide is a substance that is responsible for the fact that red wine is poorly tolerated by many people. For example, people who suffer from histamine intolerance may experience symptoms such as itching, headache, breathing problems, rapid heartbeat, nausea and stomach pain even after small amounts.

Chemicals such as sulfites in wine can also lead to health problems in patients with asthma.

Experts advise that people who develop such symptoms after consuming a certain wine should better refrain from doing so or try another product. (ad)

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