Already in full swing: Attention pollen starts again earlier

Already in full swing: Attention pollen starts again earlier

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Bald pollen: The hay fever season begins after the cold spell ends
People suffering from pollen allergy are still spared. But after the end of the cold spell, the hay fever season will begin in some regions of Germany. Early treatment can relieve the symptoms.

Hazel pollen will fly from the middle of the month
It has been shown for years that the pollen is flying earlier and earlier. Allergy sufferers were spared in January thanks to the cold, but after the end of the cold spell, the pollen count is expected to start in Bavaria. This was pointed out by the State Minister for Health, Melanie Huml. The first hazel pollen could be on the way from mid-February, the CSU politician explained.

Early treatment relieves symptoms
"Pollen allergy sufferers should therefore take the anti-allergic medications prescribed by the doctor in the recommended dosage in good time," explained Huml, according to a message from the ministry.

“These drugs cannot cure an allergy. But early and targeted treatment helps to get the symptoms under control. Those affected are also advised against strenuous outdoor sporting activities when there is a lot of pollen. "

Every fifth adult German affected
According to the information, about every fifth adult in Germany suffers from hay fever. The State Office for Health and Food Safety (LGL) assumes that over two million people in Bavaria are allergic to allergies or over-sensitive to certain substances, including around 330,000 children and adolescents.

Approximately 490,000 adults and approximately 85,000 children and adolescents suffer from bronchial asthma.

Untreated allergy can lead to asthma
“If an allergy is left untreated, the risk increases that it leads to asthma. In general, around 40 percent of untreated allergy sufferers have chronic bronchial asthma after an average of eight years, ”explained Huml, who is a doctor herself.

“That is why it is important to get a prompt examination for hay fever symptoms such as dripping nose and itchy eyes, shortness of breath or cough. Unfortunately, despite intensive research, it has so far not been possible to correct the cause of the immune system malfunction and to cure an allergy, ”said the Minister of Health.

Hyposensitization and home remedies
According to experts, those affected should use treatment options such as so-called hyposensitization, which is intended to overcome the allergic reaction through regular contact with the allergens.

As home remedies for hay fever, there are nasal douches that flush pollen and dirt particles out of the nose.

Predictions of the expected pollen concentrations
Statistically, the pollen count of the hazel begins at the beginning of March. Then the pollen of alder and birch fly about every two weeks. "There are already some hazelnut pollen in other states," added Huml.

On the website of the German Weather Service (DWD), the expected pollen concentrations in the air are shown in cooperation with the Foundation of the German Pollen Information Service (PID). (ad)

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