Infection risk: Always replace the toothbrush after a cold

Another risk of infection: urgently change toothbrush after a cold
Colds in winter are not uncommon. For adults, two to four flu infections per year are completely normal. A protective measure to prevent the infection from re-infecting after surviving the disease is to change the toothbrush.

Several colds a year
If you have caught a cold, you should definitely spare yourself. It is also important to drink a lot. Due to an increased fluid intake, the stubborn mucus dissolves better and the secretions in the nose are diluted. In addition, there are numerous tried and tested home remedies for treating colds. After a cold you have gone through, you should take measures to avoid getting infected again. One of them is changing the toothbrush.

Change toothbrush after the illness is over
For people who have just gotten a cold, it is worth buying a new toothbrush, said Thomas Wolf from the federal board of the Free Association of German Dentists (FVDZ) in a message from the news agency dpa.

In this way, healthy people prevent them from catching the bacteria that are still stuck between the bristles. However, according to the expert, very few people take this tip to heart.

Other experts also see surviving infections as a reason that toothbrushes urgently need to be removed, because "after colds or flu infections, treated gum infections or healed herpes, the pathogens of such diseases continue to stubbornly stubbornly on the cleaning tools despite all caution," writes the State Dental Association Brandenburg on their website.

"If you continue to use it after you have recovered, it can lead to involuntary infection," it continues.

New toothbrush after three months at the latest
According to Wolf, some people would have several toothbrushes next to the sink in order to always have a well-dried one ready. The dentist thinks that's an exaggeration. A toothbrush is enough.

According to the expert, however, this should be replaced every six to eight weeks. “It also depends on the degree of hardness,” says Wolf, according to dpa. According to him, one could
use a hard toothbrush for three months if necessary.

"Then you really need a new one," the doctor warned. According to Wolf, after a professional tooth cleaning, buying a new toothbrush is not necessary. According to the press agency, he said: "Nobody really needs to be afraid of any bacteria coming back into their mouths." (Ad)

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