Here are the best tricks for keeping the slim line you achieved

Here are the best tricks for keeping the slim line you achieved

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Desired weight reached: These tricks help to keep the figure
Those who have managed to get rid of the winter bacon quickly want to keep their desired weight. Unfortunately, sometimes that's not that easy. Some tips and tricks can help to avoid that extra pounds do not accumulate immediately.

In winter you like to make yourself comfortable on the couch
It is usually not easy to keep the figure that has often been painstakingly worked out. Especially in the cold season, when the desire to stay outside is low and instead the TV evening on the sofa attracts - with various snacks - you quickly lose track of the many calories you have consumed. To prevent hip gold from accumulating quickly, regular exercise is especially recommended. Because it drives away the constant hunger, as has been shown in scientific studies. A few more tricks help so that the winter bacon doesn't stand a chance.

Eat regularly
Experts repeatedly warn against incorrect weight loss. Too often, the yo-yo cycle ensures that additional weight quickly accumulates after the tedious slimming down.

A permanent diet with fewer calories is generally more sensible and healthier.

In addition, three fixed meals a day are helpful, because if you eat from time to time, the body has little chance of burning fat. In addition, irregular eating harms health. According to experts, about four to six hours should be between meals.

Healthy snacks
Basically, it is important to prevent a lack of nutrients, as this leads to food cravings.

Instead of chips and co, healthy snacks such as nuts or fruit are ideal for the small hunger in between. These do not cause the blood sugar level to rise so quickly and saturate for a long time.

Vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy products are also suitable as ingredients for a small snack. You can also reduce your appetite by drinking a lot, preferably water or unsweetened tea.

A lot of fruits and vegetables
Especially in the cold season, a lot of fruits and vegetables are on the menu.

The vitamins it contains strengthen the immune system and fiber stimulates digestion. The flavonoids are of particular importance. These plant substances help you lose weight, as studies have shown.

Vegetables have few calories and are filling. There can be one or two hands full with every meal.

It depends on the time of day
When it comes to what time of day large meals make sense, there is always a rule stating that eating after 6 p.m. is less favorable, because then, among other things, the fat metabolism works more slowly than during the day.

In addition, carbohydrate-rich food in the evening increases insulin levels, which means that excess glucose is stored in the form of body fat during sleep.

Carbohydrates, such as those found in pasta, bread or rice, are best consumed at noon, since the body can use this energy for the rest of the day.

Dinner should be protein-rich. Then the body can go into the fat burning phase at night and does not have to concentrate on digestion. (ad)

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