Allergies: Eating peanuts early can save babies from allergies

Allergies: Eating peanuts early can save babies from allergies

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Protection against allergies: peanut-containing food for babies
Food allergies can make life very difficult for those affected. Nut allergies in particular are a major burden. Experts report on how to prevent the problem at an early stage. Accordingly, the early intake of peanut-containing food can reduce the risk of a later allergy.

Allergy prevention through allergen
"A lot of protein (25 percent), plenty of potassium and the highest magnesium content of all plant foods" makes the peanut a thoroughly healthy food, writes the consumer information service aid. However, “peanuts” also have great allergy potential. Food allergies should not be underestimated, they can sometimes be life-threatening. Thanks to new allergy prevention, however, the risk can be reduced.

Peanut food for babies
Years ago, studies indicated that peanut consumption can protect against allergies. And just a few months ago, scientists from Imperial College London reported in the journal "JAMA" that it helps against later allergies if babies start eating eggs or peanuts at the age of four months.

A new US guideline from the “National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases” now also concludes that giving babies peanuts early can reduce the risk of later peanut allergy.

Do not give whole peanuts to infants
As the dpa news agency reports, children who have strong risk factors for allergies such as severe dermatitis should - with medical advice - be fed peanut-containing food from the fourth month.

Accordingly, these products are considered safe even in small children without risk factors and can somewhat reduce the risk of peanut allergy. Among other things, the US experts have suggested mixing peanut butter with fruit puree. However, the little ones should not get whole peanuts because of the risk of swallowing.

No special guidelines in Germany
The "New York Times" writes, referring to the new guideline, that peanut allergies have increased significantly in the past among children in the USA.

In previous recommendations, it was advised not to give peanut products to children with a particular allergy risk until the age of three.

According to a spokeswoman for the German Nutrition Society (DGE), there are no specific guidelines in Germany regarding peanut allergies.

However, referring to the recommendations of the "Healthy Living" network, she explained that experts advised that baby foods should be varied for babies and toddlers, using ingredients that are known to be common allergy triggers. (ad)

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