Sweet dried fruits: high-calorie but extremely healthy snack

Sweet dried fruits: high-calorie but extremely healthy snack

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Valuable nutrients: dried fruits are high in calories and healthy at the same time
You don't always have to grab chocolate or biscuits straight away when the cravings for sweets grab you. A much healthier alternative is dried fruit. However, this also has quite a lot of calories.

Healthy dried fruit on the go
As a snack for the hike or for a boost of energy during work breaks: dried fruits are easy to transport and therefore sometimes better suited than fresh fruit. Dried fruit is also used in the kitchen and is often an important part of various baking and cooking recipes. For example, dried fruit goes well with breakfast in warm cereal porridge. You also do something good for your body: dried fruits promote health. But they also have a slight disadvantage.

A kilo of apple rings made from ten kilos of apples
Dried fruit is significantly higher in calories than fresh fruit, explains the Bavarian Consumer Service: “From ten kilos of apples you get about one kilo of apple rings, with apricots the mass shrinks to a sixth, with plums the ratio is 3: 1. At the same time, the sugar content rises to 60 to 70%, ”the experts write on their website.

Minerals are retained during drying
But they still contain a lot of healthy nutrients: While drying, the sensitive vitamin C is largely destroyed, but other vitamins and especially the minerals are preserved, ”writes the consumer service.

Therefore very high concentrations of minerals, trace elements and fiber can be found in dried fruit.

Sugar does not get into the blood so quickly
For example, dried apricots contain a lot of iron, just under four milligrams per hundred grams. And figs have a particularly high calcium content: just a handful covers a quarter of the daily requirement. Dried papaya are particularly rich in potassium and phosphorus.

Important to know: "The fruit's own sugar provides energy for nerves and muscles." Unlike sugar, the sugar does not get into the blood as quickly. As a result, the blood sugar level slowly rises and saturates longer.

Sulphurized fruits are not suitable for everyone
When buying dried fruit, you should pay attention to the additives. Dried fruit is often sulphurized, which is why B vitamins (especially B1 and folic acid) are destroyed. Sulfur is also of concern to sensitive people with skin allergies and asthma. The sulfurization must be stated on the packaging. (ad)

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