Medicine: patient lived in the abdomen for 18 years

Medicine: patient lived in the abdomen for 18 years

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Forgotten surgical scissors in a man's abdomen remained undetected for 18 years
A few days ago, a 54-year-old surgical scissors were removed from the stomach of a 54-year-old in Vietnam. The surgical cutlery had apparently been forgotten in the man's body 18 years ago. Only recently had the patient gone to the doctor for abdominal pain, which is why the foreign body was discovered at all.

Surgical equipment was in the stomach of a man for 18 years
In Vietnam, a 54-year-old man had 15 cm surgical scissors removed from his stomach in a three-hour operation a few days ago. The surgical cutlery had apparently been forgotten in the Vietnamese belly around 18 years ago. It was only recently discovered during an ultrasound scan that was carried out after the man had complained of abdominal pain.

Scissors were forgotten during emergency surgery
According to a report by the Vietnam Express, Ma Van Nhat said the scissors were probably forgotten during an emergency operation at Bac Kan Hospital in 1998 after a traffic accident in his stomach.

According to media reports, he "lived a fairly normal life" until he recently had an abdominal pain. Doctors from the Viet Duc Hospital in Hanoi came for the operation in the Thai Nguyen hospital in northern Vietnam. "He's recovering well" after the procedure, the doctors explained.

At that time, doctors should be found
Today's director of Bac Kan Hospital, Trinh Thi Luong, said according to a report from the Reuters news agency: "We are trying to locate all the members of the surgical team from back then: Even if they are retired, we will let them know about this incident inform who fell into their service. I hope that can be a lesson for all doctors, especially surgeons. ”

Medical errors not only in Vietnam
Although reports of botch-up are reported more often in Vietnam, treatment errors are not uncommon in other countries.

For example, there were reports of doctors in Mexico who removed a child's false eye or Austrian doctors who amputated the wrong leg of a 91-year-old patient.

A report about an operation by a Jordanian woman in which a doctor forgot his cell phone in the patient's stomach was also bizarre.

And doctors make mistakes in Germany too. According to the Alliance for Patient Safety (APS), estimates assume that there are between 600 and 700 deaths annually in Germany due to forgotten swabs, needles and the like. (ad)

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