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Circumcision: Doctor cut part of a 10-year-old's penis during routine surgery

Circumcision: Doctor cut part of a 10-year-old's penis during routine surgery

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Ten-year-old boy loses part of his penis during routine circumcision
Circumcision of a ten-year-old boy in Malaysia ended tragically. During the routine operation, part of the child's penis was cut off with a laser scalpel. The doctor, who has over 20 years of circumcision experience, said he made a mistake during the procedure.

Detached from penis with laser scalpel tip
In Malaysia, circumcision (male circumcision) ended tragically for a young boy. During the routine operation on December 20, part of the ten-year-old's limb was cut off. According to a report by "The Star", the intervention took place in a smaller clinic in the capital, Kuala Lumpur. The doctor made a mistake in the laser-based procedure and severed the tip of the genitals.

Cut off part sewn on again
According to the information, the child was then taken to the "Kuala Lumpur Hospital" to sew the lace back on. The boy's father turned to the police.

As reported in media reports, including in the British “Mirror”, the clinic in which the circumcision was carried out was not officially registered.

According to the "Star", the doctor treating him had 21 years of experience with circumcision and was a graduate of the University of Karachi in Pakistan. According to media reports, local police confirmed that the incident had occurred.

Every third man is circumcised
In circumcision, the male foreskin is partially or completely removed. Circumcision is rarely done for medical reasons, mostly because of a religious or traditional reason.

Boys are circumcised not only in Islam but also in Judaism. And also with some Christian groups. It is estimated that up to a third of the world's male population is circumcised. The majority of the population in Malaysia are Muslims.

Not just religious reasons
In recent years there has been more circumcision among boys in Germany. However, there is rarely a medical indication.

A common - non-religious - reason for circumcision can be, for example, a narrowing of the foreskin, which hinders the flow of urine and causes the foreskin to bloat when urinating.

The operation, even if performed in modern medical settings, can sometimes lead to painful wound infections, bleeding, or even urethral injuries.

No improvement for sex life
A case from South Africa shows how serious the consequences can be. The first successful penis transplant was performed there last year after a patient lost his limb as a result of poorly performed circumcision.

Hygienic or even sexual reasons for circumcision apparently make no sense. In the past, German physicians have emphasized that circumcision does not improve hygiene.

And scientists at Queen's University in Canada reported a study a few months ago that showed circumcised men had the same pleasure in sex as uncircumcised men. (ad)

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