Natural help: herbal teas for colds

Natural help: herbal teas for colds

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Medicinal plants included: herbal teas for colds as medicinal products
Herbal teas are considered beneficial and are sometimes used as home remedies for colds and other ailments. As a rule, however, they may not be sold with a reference to their healing properties. Medicinal teas that are labeled accordingly, however, do.

Home remedies for cold symptoms
Cold symptoms such as cough and runny nose are currently widespread. To prevent infections or relieve symptoms, many use natural home remedies such as chicken soup or teas. Herbal teas in particular are considered beneficial. For example, they help as a home remedy for cough or sore throat. However, most herbal teas on the supermarket shelf may only be advertised as food and not with a reference to their healing properties.

Medicinal teas are subject to the Medicines Act
This is indicated by the Saxony consumer advice center. The situation is different with medicinal teas. However, these must be marked accordingly.

"Medicinal tea must be clearly labeled as a" drug "or" medicinal tea ", as well as the indication, contraindications, dosage and composition," the consumer advice center wrote in a press release.

Medicinal teas are subject to the Medicines Act and must be approved by the Federal Office for Medicines and Medical Devices.

Traditional medicines
However, it is not a prerequisite for admission that they can help demonstrably. Medicinal teas are often so-called traditional medicines, which can only be registered and sold due to long-term use without product-related proof of efficacy, explain the consumer advocates.

These have to indicate the “traditional use”, explains Birgit Brendel, specialist at the consumer center. If you want to fight a cold, you should better resort to a medicinal tea. "Purpose, approval and labeling distinguish a medicinal tea from an herbal tea that is food," said the expert.

Plant poisons in herbal teas
You should also inform yourself about the quality of the respective products. Because in the past, plant toxins have been found in herbal teas. Findings of so-called pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PA) in several peppermint and herbal teas were reported at the beginning of the year. These substances can lead to liver damage and liver cancer. (ad)

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