Aujeszky's disease in wild boar proven - cats and dogs also at risk

Aujeszky's disease in wild boar proven - cats and dogs also at risk

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Pseudo rage: wild boar infected with Aujeszky's disease
An infection with Aujeszky's disease (AK) has been found in a wild boar in Bavaria. The infectious disease, which is also known as pseudo-rage, can affect dogs and cats, among others. It is harmless to humans.

Wild boar infected with Aujeszky's disease
According to media reports, a wild boar shot in Steigerwald (Bavaria) was infected with Aujeszky's disease (AK). This infectious disease is also known as pseudo-rage and can affect pigs, cattle, sheep, goats, but also dogs and cats. As reported by the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation (BR) on its website, this is the first case of wild boar in the Haßberge district, according to the Haßberge District Office, since the series examinations were introduced there in 2012.

According to the current state of knowledge, harmless to people
According to a press release from the district office, according to the current state of knowledge, the virus is harmless to humans. There is therefore no danger from eating processed and fully cooked wild boar products.

The main host for pseudo-rage infections is the pig. “Pigs that have been infected remain latently infected for the rest of their life, as is characteristic of herpes virus infections. The virus can then be produced and excreted again at any time, ”writes the Bavarian State Office for Health and Food Safety on its website.

Symptoms are similar to those of rabies
"With the exception of the highly resistant primates and equidae, almost all species of mammals are susceptible," says a report on the test results of the monitoring studies of Bavarian wild boars in 2015.

The Haßberge district office particularly calls for pig farmers to take appropriate hygiene and protective measures. When pigs are infected, they often suffer from symptoms similar to rabies, such as pneumonia, brain and nerve infections.

Infected dogs mostly die from the disease
According to the information, young animals often die from the disease, while some older ones survive the infection. The virus is transmitted by droplet infection.

Hunters are advised to keep their dogs away from live or dead wild boar and, in principle, not to feed raw meat. Dogs infected with the pseudowut virus usually die from it. (ad)

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