Neck stretched out when washing hair - unexpected stroke after visiting the hairdresser

Neck stretched out when washing hair - unexpected stroke after visiting the hairdresser

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Stroke after visiting the hairdresser - neck stretched when washing hair
The visit to the hairdresser had dramatic consequences for a 45-year-old Brit. Apparently his neck was stretched so much when washing his hair that an artery was damaged. A short time later he suffered a stroke, the consequences of which he still suffers from today.

Neck stretched out while washing hair
If the question "With or without washing" is asked when visiting the hairdresser, it can be beneficial not only for the wallet, but also for health reasons in exceptional cases to answer "without". As the newspaper The Times reports, a 45-year-old Briton's hairstylist's neck at the pelvis was apparently so stretched that he suffered a stroke two days later.

Artery has been damaged
According to the report, Dave Tyler was brought to the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London after a collapse during a business meeting. There he was asked the unusual question: "Have you recently had your hair cut?"

Doctors believe that when the neck is stretched too much, an artery is damaged, causing a blood clot to form, resulting in a stroke. In this context, the doctors speak of so-called "Beauty Parlor Syndrome" ("Beauty Salon Syndrome").

The patient still suffers from the consequences
Such cases are extremely rare, but not unknown to the experts. Specialist magazines reported a similar incident in San Diego (USA) in January 2014 and another in southern England in 2000.

According to the latest newspaper report, Dave Tyler spent three months in the London specialty clinic after the stroke in 2011. He still walks on the stick today, suffers from vision problems and will probably never be able to drive a car again.

The injured party sued the hair salon for not having sufficiently protected his neck. According to The Times, he received £ 90,000 in compensation after an out-of-court settlement. (ad)

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