The number of people with dementia will increase dramatically

Health minister expects dementia patients to rise sharply
The number of people with dementia continues to rise. According to Health Minister Melanie Huml, around 230,000 people in the Free State are currently suffering from dementia. In four years there could be 40,000 more.

Every second person is afraid of dementia
According to a current survey on fear of diseases, most Germans are afraid of suffering from cancer, but around one in two said they were afraid of dementia. The Alzheimer's report also shows that this fear is not unjustified, according to which a further diagnosis of dementia is made every 3.2 seconds worldwide. It is also assumed in this country that the number of dementia patients will increase.

Number of dementia patients is increasing
The number of people with dementia in Bavaria will rise sharply in the coming years. “As society ages, the number of people with dementia increases. In the age group of over 90-year-olds, more than one in three people has dementia symptoms. Bavaria currently has more than 230,000 people with dementia. About 70 percent of them are women, ”says the website of the Bavarian Ministry of Health.

According to a message from the dpa news agency, Health Minister Melanie Huml (CSU) said on Saturday at the 10th Neuropsychology Day at the University of Bamberg that 340,000 people in the Free State are expected to be affected by the disease by 2032. Around 270,000 people are expected to suffer in 2020.

Improve care for demented people
Experts have been criticizing for years that the health system is not adequately geared to dementia and that there is still a lot of catching up to do in this area.

Huml emphasized that their goal was to improve the care of demented people across Bavaria. "In order for research results to be well received by the patients, it is necessary to meet the players from research, teaching and clinical practice," said the minister. (ad)

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