How to treat crystal meth addiction effectively

How to treat crystal meth addiction effectively

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Drug addiction: Recommendations for the treatment of crystal meth addicts
Every year around 3,000 people in Germany become conspicuous because of the consumption of the synthetic psychodrug "Crystal Meth". But the “addiction to crystal meth is curable,” knows the federal drug commissioner. Recommendations for the treatment of addicts have now been published for the first time.

Crystal meth consumption no longer limited to individual regions
In Germany, around 3,000 people become conspicuous every year because of their crystal consumption, reports the federal government's drug commissioner, Marlene Mortler (CSU), in a press release. The consumption of the drug is no longer limited to the regions close to the Czech Republic. The fact that the intoxicant is consumed there particularly often was also shown by the number of babies damaged by crystal meth. A guideline has now been published to help treat addicts.

Drug leads to aggressiveness and delusions
The Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) writes on its website that the drug promises to cope with stress and pressure with ease and, moreover, to be able to perform more quickly.

The other side of the intoxicant, however, is "aggressiveness, restlessness and delusions", as the drug commissioner says.

Especially since the drug discovery by the Green Member of the Bundestag, Volker Beck, it has repeatedly been pointed out how harmful crystal meth really is.

Health intoxicant
Crystal meth is considered very stimulating. After the intoxication, however, there is often a lack of motivation, sleep disorders, anxiety and depression. Consumers therefore often take additional drugs or increase the dose.

There are serious health problems such as rapid heartbeat, sweating, muscle cramps and dizziness as well as long-term physical effects such as brain damage, circulatory disorders, tooth loss, chronic skin inflammation ("crystal acne") or kidney and liver damage.

Psychological dependence is particularly dangerous, which can lead to anxiety and panic attacks, hallucinations, eating disorders and an increased risk of suicide.

Treatment at the highest medical level
"The consumption of crystal meth has become a real challenge in many regions of Germany in recent years," explained Marlene Mortler. The new medical guideline “is intended to enable treatment at the highest medical level anywhere in Germany in the future,” said the drug commissioner. "The good news is that addiction to Crystal Meth is curable."

"The aim of the guideline is to enable better care for those affected and more certainty of action for therapeutically active staff in clinical practice based on substance-specific studies", reports the Medical Center for Quality in Medicine (ÄZQ), which the guideline together with others Experts.

World's first treatment guideline
Dr. Josef Mischo, President of the Saarland Medical Association and Chairman of the Addiction and Drugs Working Group of the German Medical Association, said: “To prepare the recommendations for action, we reviewed and evaluated the entire internationally available scientific literature on the subject. From the results, we created a total of 135 recommendations, especially for acute and post-acute treatment, as well as the treatment of concomitant diseases and special patient groups. "

"This means that we have the first treatment guideline in Germany for patients with methamphetamine-related disorders worldwide who meet the highest quality criteria of an" S3 guideline, "says Mischo. (ad)

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