Neck and thumb pain is often the result of smartphones and tablets

Neck and thumb pain is often the result of smartphones and tablets

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Physical stress from smartphones and tablets - neck and thumb suffer
There are probably only a few people left who do not have a smartphone. Tablets are also becoming increasingly popular, both privately and at work. Unfortunately, the frequent use of mobile devices also poses health risks.

Smartphone use with health consequences
The use of smartphones and tablets is increasing more and more. Unfortunately, this does not remain without health consequences. An investigation showed that such devices reduce the quality of sleep in children and adolescents. In addition, experts assume that myopia will increase due to constant smartphone use. The Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) now points out further health risks: inflamed thumb tendons and neck tension.

The musculoskeletal system is stressed
Smartphones and tablet PCs, so-called smart devices, stress the muscle and skeletal system. "With intensive use, static posture, frequent repetitions of movement and high muscle activity can occur, which can strain the musculoskeletal system," says a message. This is the result of the overview work "Review of physical stress when using smart mobile devices" by the BAuA, which has now been published.

Inflamed thumb tendons and neck tension
The consequences of this can include inflamed thumb tendons and a permanently tight neck. Accordingly, the thumbs suffer from typing text messages on small screens, but also from using touch screens - for example when scrolling.

And the neck tenses in the long run if you always lean forward to see the display. In addition, the back is often burdened by a crooked posture that arises because users contort themselves to shield the screen from incident light that would otherwise reflect and dazzle the device.

Earlier studies also found that postural damage was caused by smartphones.

Use smartphones only for a short time
"Basically, tablets and smartphones should therefore only be used for a short time," advises the federal agency. Low-reflection displays are better for health; you don't have to bend too much for a good view. With prolonged use, accessories such as an external keyboard can help improve posture and comfort. This not only benefits the thumb, but also the back. (ad)

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