Mandatory warning for homeopathics prescribed for the first time

Mandatory warning for homeopathics prescribed for the first time

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Reason: “Lack of scientific evidence” warning requirement for homeopathic drugs in the USA
According to critics, there is no scientific evidence for the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies. Proponents point out that such evidence does exist. In the United States, manufacturers of such preparations must now either prove that their product actually works or provide warning notices.

Cure or charlatanism?
While homeopathy is idolized by some people, others refer to the procedure as charlatanism. Scientific evidence for the effectiveness of the small white spheres can hardly be found. Although some doctors point out that studies have shown that homeopathy is effective for pain, for example, but an Australian team of researchers found that such preparations did not work better than placebos. Stricter rules for homeopathic remedies are now being introduced in the United States. In the future, homeopathic drug manufacturers will have to label their goods with a clear warning if scientific evidence is lacking.

Lack of scientific evidence
Homeopathy means giving the patient, in a strong dilution, the substances that, according to homeopaths, cause the disease. Patients often report an improved condition after such treatment. On the one hand, this is due to how the placebo effect can work - the belief in the effect works alone. On the other hand, homeopaths usually deal intensively with their patients.

A lack of scientific evidence on the effects of homeopathy does not matter to many: experience is more important to them than studies.

"People want to believe in miracles," says Dr. Natalie Grams. The doctor, who had run a homeopathic practice and wrote a critical book on homeopathy ("Homeopathy Rethinking - What Really Helps Patients"), said in a critical discussion with "Heilpraxisnet": "People do not necessarily tend to be rational in the first place . We like to believe in miracles, we find great promises more appealing than critical thinking and consistent questioning - we all. "

Stricter effectiveness and security processes
In the United States, it is now becoming more difficult for homeopathic remedies to advertise their goods. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), responsible for consumer protection, has introduced stricter guidelines.

Homeopathic products that are to be sold as non-prescription medicines will have to go through stricter efficacy and safety processes in the future - or carry a warning.

According to an FTC announcement, similar claims apply to homeopathic remedies in terms of efficacy and safety as to other products. "Companies have to provide competent and reliable scientific evidence if they want to advertise that a product is suitable for treating a specific disease," the statement said.

Consumers are misled
For the vast majority of homeopathic drugs, the effectiveness according to the FTC is based only on "traditional homeopathic theories and there are no valid studies with current scientific methods that prove the effectiveness."

"There is no sound basis for advertising claims that such homeopathic products have a therapeutic effect." If such claims are made, consumers are deliberately misled.

Manufacturers now have to either prove that their product actually works or print warnings on their packaging. In the future, it would then have to say: "There is no scientific evidence that this product works." Or: "The product's claims are based solely on homeopathic theories from the 18th century, which most modern medical experts do not recognize."

Special position in German pharmaceutical law
In Germany, homeopathy enjoys a special position in pharmaceutical law. The effectiveness of the funds does not have to be proven by scientific studies.

"From today's perspective, it is no longer possible to understand why homeopathy was then included in pharmaceutical law," says Dr. "Homeopathy is an outdated doctrine of salvation from pre-scientific times, the basic assumptions of which completely contradict scientific and medical knowledge," said the expert. (ad)

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