Obesity: Yoga helps heavily overweight women with weight loss

Obesity: Yoga helps heavily overweight women with weight loss

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Yoga as a therapeutic measure against obesity in women
Yoga is mostly associated with slim, athletic people. But the relaxation exercises of this ancient Indian philosophical teaching can basically be practiced by any person. Of course, also from overweight women - yoga helps them lose weight, scientists report.

Being overweight is a health hazard
More and more Germans are obese. Last year alone, around seven million Germans had to be treated for obesity. Being overweight is a risk factor for numerous diseases, for example for vascular diseases and cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, coronary heart disease or arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). It also increases the risk of joint wear (arthrosis), diabetes and cancer.

Reduce weight with more exercise
According to health experts, even minimal weight loss would have significant positive effects. In addition to a healthy, low-calorie and low-fat diet, sport would be very helpful here. This not only burns calories, but also dispels the constant hunger, as British researchers recently reported. Obviously, overweight people can also use yoga to reduce their weight.

Yoga helps obese people lose weight
Not only people who practice the relaxation techniques themselves know that yoga can also have positive effects on the body. The health-promoting effect has already been proven in scientific studies.

Researchers at the University of Duisburg-Essen are now reporting in the “Deutsches Ärzteblatt” that yoga can help women with central obesity lose weight.

Recommendations are not followed by all concerned
"In particular, central obesity, an unfavorable abdominal stress and fat distribution that is not restricted to overweight people, has proven to be a significant risk factor for cardiovascular and metabolic diseases," said the scientists.

According to the experts, regular physical activity is recommended in the medical guidelines as the most important treatment option for obesity. "However, because a significant proportion of obese people do not follow these recommendations, the investigation of alternative forms of exercise for weight loss seems justified."

"One such alternative form of exercise that is increasingly being used to promote health is yoga."

Diet according to traditional yoga teachings
As part of the study, 60 subjects with central obesity were divided into two groups. 40 of them should participate in a 12-week yoga intervention, the others should not change their exercise habits as a waiting group. The average age of the participants was 48 years.

As reported by the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" (FAZ), the yoga units, which had been adapted to the physical possibilities and limitations of obese women, included all-day workshops, followed by two weekly 90-minute units in traditional hatha yoga.

The subjects were also encouraged to follow traditional yoga teachings, but according to the researchers, none of the participants started a low-calorie diet during the study period.

Abdominal circumference was reduced
According to the information, the 40 participants managed to reduce their waist circumference by around four centimeters. In addition - compared to the control group - their waist-hip ratio, body weight, BMI and body fat percentage also decreased, while their body muscle mass percentage increased.

The participants also said that their mental and physical quality of life and self-esteem had improved. According to the team around Holger Cramer, yoga was perceived by the test subjects as a stress reliever.

Exercise is generally beneficial for obesity
Stefanie Gerlach from the German Obesity Society commented on the results in the FAZ: "Exercise is fundamentally beneficial in obesity" and part of the classic therapies for obesity.

“Trying out new forms of movement that are not primarily performance-oriented can enable new, positive body experiences, especially for overweight people. In this respect, I would invite everyone to try yoga for themselves, especially since the study obviously did not have any harmful effects. ”

Long-term success not yet proven
According to the FAZ, the investigation also shows gaps. The participants in both groups could therefore not be monitored continuously. In addition, the change in diet that was absolutely necessary for obesity was not implemented. According to Gerlach, it cannot be said with such a short study whether the observed effects on the abdominal circumference last in the long term. (ad)

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