No improved mobility through hip replacement

No improved mobility through hip replacement

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Patients are not really more mobile after hip replacement surgery
Many sufferers expect to become more mobile and mobile again after a hip operation. But researchers have now found that surprisingly, physical activity does not really increase after hip replacement surgery.

Scientists at the University of East Anglia (UEA) found that hip replacement surgery does not lead to increased mobility. The doctors published the results of their study in the journal "Clinical Rehabilitation".

Do hip replacement surgery make any sense?
Hip replacement surgery is common today. In the UK alone, more than 620,000 operations were performed between 2003 and 2013, the experts report in a press release on the latest study results. The most common cause of such an operation is osteoarthritis (93 percent). The results of the new study completely question the purpose of such operations.

Study examines differences in physical activity
This new examination is the first systematic review, which was designed specifically for the differences in physical activity, explain the doctors. The scientists tried to find out whether physical activity increased in those affected after such an operation.

The results of the study surprised the doctors
The most common reason for a hip prosthesis is that patients want to reduce their pain when moving. So far, physicians and sufferers have expected physical activity to increase after such an operation. The results of the study were quite surprising, explains Tom Withers from the University of East Anglia School of Health Sciences.

Examination includes more than 1,000 subjects
For their investigation, the doctors analyzed the data from approximately 1,030 patients who had previously undergone hip replacement surgery. The experts looked for indicators of physical activity after the operation. For example, the researchers paid attention to whether patients cover further distances on foot, walk faster, cycle more, or climb stairs.

No evidence of physical activity change after surgery was found
However, we haven't seen any clear evidence of a change in physical activity after the surgery, adds Tom Withers. The advantages of regular physical activity after a hip prosthesis are known. However, the investigation suggests that patients need more support after such an operation in order to become more physically active, say the doctors.

Further research on this topic is urgently needed
The lack of a significant difference in physical activity after hip replacement surgery suggests that there is a great need for further investigation, the authors say. Health experts and researchers need to better understand the lack of change after such surgery to increase engagement in post-surgery physical activity, UK scientists conclude. (as)

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