Pediatricians are against cannabis legalization

Pediatricians are against cannabis legalization

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According to the BVKJ, cannabis release is the wrong way
The demands for legalization of cannabis are now shared by many people, but the professional association of pediatricians (BVKJ) has now clearly spoken out against largely legalized cannabis use with state control. This would not lead to an improved protection of minors, but would increase the risk in the association's opinion.

Criminal lawyers, addiction physicians, addiction help and other experts have spoken out in favor of rethinking German drug policy, the Bundestag faction of Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen reports in a current announcement and at the same time reaffirms the calls for legalization based on its proposal for a cannabis control law. However, the BVJK sees no opportunities for improved protection of minors in the event of legalization and therefore speaks out against this.

Rethinking drug policy
There has long been a lot of debate about the possible legalization of cannabis. Approval for medical purposes is now more or less a consensus in politics, too, but there is still controversy over basic legalization. Here, for example, the left and the Greens plead for approval, but in different models. The left is relying on the establishment of cannabis clubs to regulate the levy. The Greens are for state-controlled delivery points. “Criminalizing cannabis users is not only disproportionate, it leaves the organized crime market. Young people and consumers are the victims of the ban policy, ”the Greens justify their demand.

BVKJ sees no improvement in the protection of minors
However, the BVKJ warns of the hope that legalizing cannabis products will better protect young people from the dangers of cannabis use. From the perspective of the professional association, this was not the case. Because even with alcohol it is obviously not possible to keep young people from consuming despite regulation and controlled dispensing. "Especially with alcohol and nicotine, we see that a law cannot protect young people, even if it contains restrictions for young people," said the BVKJ. Despite a clear ban on the sale of high-proof alcohol to adolescents and despite ID check, the problem of binge drinking among adolescents persisted, and adolescents with acute alcohol poisoning were brought to the rescue centers of German clinics every weekend.

Cannabis dangerous for young people?
In addition to the legalization of alcohol, demanding that cannabis products be released to adults carries the risk that “in the future we will have more drug-addicted adolescents and not fewer,” says the BVKJ. Around one in four young people in Germany have already used cannabis and every tenth young person smokes every day. Consumption in particular affects brain maturation in young people and cannabis is therefore particularly dangerous for young people. The trend is increasing due to the consumption of cannabis products with an ever higher THC content. “We don't need a law that regulates and largely legalises the supply of cannabis by the state. We need better protection of minors and we need more prevention ”; so Dr. Thomas Fischbach, President of the BVKJ.

However, the Communication of the Professional Association of Pediatricians does not address essential points of the legalization debate. If in fact every fourth young person has already consumed it and every tenth does so regularly, all these people are on the verge of illegality and at least the procurement is often carried out through criminally punished channels. There is also no guarantee of certain quality and purity requirements, as the reports on stretched cannabis and subsequent hospital deliveries (for example due to bird sand in the lungs) often prove. The BVJK's communication does not specify which alternatives to improve health protection also exist among young consumers. (fp)

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