Irritant gas attack at school: nine students in the hospital

Irritant gas attack at school: nine students in the hospital

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Nine students have to go to hospital after an irritant gas attack
Unknown perpetrators sprayed irritant gas at a school in Wiesbaden. Several children complained of irritation to the airways and burning eyes. Nine students had to be treated in hospitals.

Respiratory tract irritation and burning eyes
According to media reports, 36 students from a school in Wiesbaden have received irritant gas. Nine of the students came to hospitals on Wednesday. The other children were given medical and school psychological care at the Albrecht Dürer School. School operations were suspended for the rest of the day.

Irritable gas stolen from a student's backpack
According to a report by the Wiesbaden fire service portal "Wiesbaden112", three students suffered moderate, six minor injuries. "Increased by the psychological effect, more and more school children between the ages of 11 and 17 came together on site to complain of complaints," says the portal.

According to police, the irritant gas was sprayed in a hallway on the first floor of the school building. According to the information, the previously unknown perpetrators of a student stole it from the backpack. The police are currently investigating the first signs of identification of possible suspects and are now investigating for dangerous bodily harm.

Health risks from irritant gas
Irritation gas, such as tear gas or pepper spray, is used by the police in Germany, among other things, during demonstrations. Some people also acquire such funds privately for self-defense. It is often not difficult for minors to get such sprays.

The symptoms caused by this usually appear immediately or a few seconds after spraying. Sprayed irritant gas can cause swelling of the mucous membranes and immediate closure of the eyelids. Inhaling the irritant usually causes coughing and shortness of breath. There is often an uncomfortable itching sensation on the skin. (ad)

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