Those who are sick stay at home: the boss has to be a role model in the event of illness

Colds and Co: The boss must also be a role model in the event of illness
Fall time is cold. If it gets cold and cloudy outside, runny noses and coughing colleagues are part of everyday life. Unfortunately, one has to say, because employees who appear sick at work do not only risk their own health. Employers have a particular responsibility here.

Some employees drag themselves to work despite illness
Cough, headache, fever: Especially in the cold season, diseases such as flu or cold strike again. Some employees go to work despite illness. He not only risks his own health, but also that of others. Employers are not excluded here either. Managers in particular should be role models when it comes to health.

Boss shouldn't be playing the hero
If employees drag themselves to work despite illness, the boss is also asked, reports the magazine "Certo" (issue 4/2016) of the statutory accident insurance VBG. In such situations, he should be a role model: "If the boss is sick, he should not play the hero, but make sure that he is fully operational again as quickly as possible - by staying at home and recovering," said the VBG occupational physician Dr. Jens Petersen.

Illness-related failure must not leave an unfilled gap
It is also important to ensure that the company is organized in such a way that the absence of employees due to illness does not create an incomplete gap in the production process. It will be much easier for sick employees to take time to relax if a colleague who is also familiar with the area of ​​responsibility can step in.

Long-term damage to health threatens
When employees come to work sick, they tend to perform worse. "There is also a long-term health risk for employees who never take the time to recover," said Petersen.

According to a magazine, a study found that the risk of civil servants developing coronary artery disease doubled if they had both previous illnesses and no absence from work. (ad)

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