Iranian converted Christian is entitled to asylum

Iranian converted Christian is entitled to asylum

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If an Iranian asylum seeker in Germany changes from the Muslim to the Christian faith, this can justify an asylum claim. The prerequisite for this is that the refugee's new faith has actually become part of his religious identity, the administrative court in Augsburg ruled in a judgment published on October 6, 2016 (file number: Au 5 K 16.30957). If he returns to Iran, he will face religious persecution.

This means that the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees must recognize an Iranian who has converted to the Christian faith as a refugee. In 2012 he applied for asylum in Germany. In Germany, he changed from Muslim to Christian belief.

He stated that he had never really practiced the Muslim faith. After his departure, he was baptized and joined a free evangelical community. He regularly attends the service and helps with translation in a Bible study group.

The asylum application was rejected. The plaintiff did not make his risk of persecution in Iran credible because of a "serious and permanent conversion to the Christian faith".

In its judgment of September 19, 2016, the administrative court ordered the authority to recognize the Iranian as a refugee. After entering the Federal Republic, the plaintiff “turned to the Christian faith out of inner conviction”. He also practiced it out of inner conviction, so that he could not be expected to return to Iran.

In order to be granted asylum, the foreigner had to "face danger to life, limb or liberty" due to the practice of his religion. In Iran, the "apostasy" can be punished with the death penalty.

According to the administrative court, it is not only former Muslims who have converted to Christianity who are involved in a missionary activity who are at risk. "There is a particular risk of persecution for members of evangelical or free church groups who make their departure from Islam visible to the outside world by wanting to participate in public rites such as worship services in the exercise of their faith," the ruling says.

Even religious activity in the home is not safe for converts in Iran. Converts are not "systematically persecuted". However, if church church activities were reported - for example by neighbors - the assemblies would be checked at random.

Here the plaintiff has also proven that he is actively involved in the parish in Germany and lives his faith there. He was therefore entitled to asylum recognition. fle / mwo

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