Sweets tested: donuts full of artificial substances

Sweets tested: donuts full of artificial substances

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Mineral oils and Co: “Öko-Test” finds pollutants in donuts
Homer Simpson likes nothing better than donuts. The character from the cartoon series eats the squiggles in bulk and mostly also with sugar-sweet syrup. Donuts made from batter or yeast dough are also popular with real people. But it would be better to stay away from it. Donuts are often full of harmful substances.

Donuts with a high fat content
According to a recent study by the consumer magazine "Öko-Test", donuts are full of harmful substances. Among other things, the experts criticize the high levels of fatty pollutants that get into the yeast rings through the use of palm oil and are considered particularly dangerous. In addition, "all tested products are contaminated with mineral oil", as it says in a message.

All brands received an "insufficient"
According to the information, “Öko-Test” sent 15 donuts from donut chains, bakery shops and freezers from various markets to the laboratory. The result was extremely negative: "All brands are rattled with" insufficient "", writes the magazine. One of the reasons for this devaluation is the fat pollutants. Donuts are therefore preferably baked in hot palm oil, which has the advantage that this fat is free of unhealthy trans fatty acids.

Trans fats endanger health
And that is very important, because just five grams of trans fats a day can increase the risk of a heart attack by 23 percent, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). In addition, studies have shown that these fats are jointly responsible for high blood pressure, overweight and obesity as well as diabetes. All reasons why trans fats are banned in the USA.

Palm oil has many disadvantages
However, the use of palm oil also has serious disadvantages. Because “the raw material from the fruits of the oil palm is often very heavily loaded with glycidyl fatty acid esters. These fatty pollutants are classified as genotoxic and possibly carcinogenic, even small amounts can damage the DNA, ”says the message. Other experts have also criticized that palm oil in food can harm health.

Mineral oil finds in donuts
Another reason for the poor “eco test” rating is mineral oil. This can accumulate in the body and has damaged organs in animal experiments. These pollutants are believed to have passed from the packaging or through the production process to the donuts. Other experts, such as the Foodwatch consumer organization, have also drawn attention to the problem of mineral oil in food packaging in the past.

Öko-Test also criticized the fact that five donuts in the test were no longer fresh. Various manufacturers use flavors and controversial phosphates. The high fat and sugar levels of most donuts came as no surprise. (ad)

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