Joint disorders: Cycling or swimming has a soothing effect on osteoarthritis

Joint disorders: Cycling or swimming has a soothing effect on osteoarthritis

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Movement in osteoarthritis: cycling or swimming makes sense
Around five million people in Germany suffer from osteoarthritis. The pain caused by the wear of articular cartilage continues to increase as the disease progresses. A cure is not possible, but relief is. Health experts advise those affected to exercise.

Five million Germans suffer from osteoarthritis
According to the German Osteoarthritis Aid, osteoarthritis is the most common joint disease. Around five million Germans are affected. The disease cannot be cured, but there are ways to alleviate the symptoms. Health experts say it's important to get regular exercise despite the pain. Sport has positive effects for the articular cartilage.

Movement has a positive effect on articular cartilage
According to a recent article in the magazine “Neue Apotheken Illustrierte” (October 2016 edition): “Cartilage tissue, which covers the ends of the bones in joints, cannot feed itself because it does not contain any blood vessels. Cartilage lining is the synovial fluid, also called synovial fluid. Movement ensures that this liquid is pressed into the cartilage and that it is well supplied with nutrients. "

Sports with an even movement
It should be noted that not every sport is suitable for all types of osteoarthritis. It is best for patients to talk to their doctor or a physiotherapist about this. Sports with a regular movement, such as cycling, swimming or cross-country skiing, are generally well suited. Movements with quick stops - such as handball or tennis - should avoid osteoarthritis patients. Because these can promote cartilage wear.

Relieve pain in acute cases
In acute cases, osteoarthritis is primarily about alleviating the symptoms. For example, with pain medication, although not all remedies are suitable. Scientists found that acetaminophen does not help with osteoarthritis. Heating or cooling applications and relief can also help.

Naturopathy also relieves osteoarthritis pain and stiffness. These include devil's claw and nettle extract. Nutrition also plays a role. According to experts in osteoarthritis, you should not eat meat and only a little cheese. (ad)

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