Always disinfect the contact lens container

Always disinfect the contact lens container

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Wearers of contact lenses should always handle the lenses carefully so that dirt in the eyes is avoided. However, that is not enough, reports the professional association of ophthalmologists in Germany.

A few simple rules ensure that contact lens wearers can take full advantage of the small visual aids: hygiene is the top priority, emphasizes Dr. Oliver Hoppe, spokesman for the contact lens department in the professional association of ophthalmologists in Germany.

Contact lenses are practical, inconspicuous and very good tools to help people with defective vision to see through. Anyone who disregards the basic rules of hygiene when handling the small plastic bowls risks an eye infection, which in the worst case can permanently impair their eyesight.

1st rule: wash hands
Before putting the contact lenses in the eye or taking them out again, you should wash your hands thoroughly with soap and dry them with a clean towel so that no germs can get from the hands onto the contact lens and into the eye.

2nd rule: gentle mechanical cleaning
Deposits accumulate on the plastic of the contact lenses during wear. After removing the lens, it is moistened with a cleaning agent and the deposits are removed by rubbing it gently with your fingertips.

3rd rule: disinfection
After cleaning, the lens is rinsed and stored in a disinfectant solution overnight. Because not only deposits have to be removed, it is also important to ensure that no pathogens can lodge in the material of the contact lens. The disinfectant is rinsed with a saline solution before inserting the lenses so that the eye is not irritated.

4th rule: Follow the care instructions
Each pack of contact lenses comes with care instructions from the manufacturer, which are precisely matched to the respective material of the contact lenses. It is advisable to follow these instructions exactly.

5th rule: hygienic containers
The contact lens cases must also be disinfected regularly. The contact lens case should also be replaced every three to six months. (sb)

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