First oral hygiene: Even milk teeth need thorough care

Why careful care is also important for milk teeth
The assumption that the care of the milk teeth is not so important is wrong. If oral hygiene is neglected, this can damage the subsequent permanent teeth.

Education about oral hygiene
According to health experts, tooth decay is increasing in toddlers. One reason for this is that due to a lack of visits to the dentist, hardly any information about nutrition and oral hygiene can take place. Obviously there is a need to catch up here. It has recently been reported that around two thirds of children do not go to the dentist. But conscientious oral hygiene cannot begin early enough. Even milk teeth need a lot of care.

Even the first milk tooth needs careful care
As the Landeszahnärztekammer Brandenburg wrote in a press release, the assumption that the care of the milk teeth is not so important because they fall out anyway is wrong. In the report on "Dental Health Day", the experts report: "Caries on the deciduous teeth leads to damage to the subsequent permanent teeth."

According to the doctors, if there is premature loss of milk teeth, there is a risk that the permanent tooth will break through in the wrong place. This can result in extensive orthodontic treatments. Therefore, the following applies: "A clean tooth rarely gets sick and the first milk tooth must be carefully cleaned." (Ad)

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