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Slight redness and itching: early signs of gonorrhea often go undetected

Slight redness and itching: early signs of gonorrhea often go undetected

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Sexually transmitted disease: Take the first signs of gonorrhea seriously
Yellow discharge, slight redness and some itching: the symptoms that gonococcal infection causes in women are usually not dramatic. Such signs should definitely be taken seriously. If left untreated, gonorrhea (gonorrhea) can lead to infertility, among other things.

STDs on the rise
According to a current government report, the number of sexual diseases in Germany has increased significantly in recent decades. Accordingly, more and more people are affected by so-called "venereal diseases" such as syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhea (gonorrhea). Above all, the increase in the latter disease is worrying, because due to the persistent emergence of antibiotic resistance, gonorrhea may soon no longer be able to be treated with drugs.

Gonorrhea can lead to infertility
The sexually transmitted disease gonorrhea can, among other things, result in infertility. The professional association of gynecologists (BVF) has pointed this out in a current report. According to the experts, the first symptoms in women are usually harmless: an intensified yellow discharge that only develops an unpleasant smell over time, slight reddening and some itching, and symptoms such as mild cystitis are often all that the woman notices.

Inform sexual partners of the past three months
"Any woman who experiences such symptoms should go to her gynecologist as soon as possible to have a test done," emphasized Dr. med. Christian Albring, President of BVF. "The same goes for women with no symptoms, whose partners show signs of gonococcal infection such as violent discharge from the urethra and a burning sensation when urinating."

If an infection is found, the doctor usually prescribes antibiotics. However, as mentioned at the beginning, the disease cannot be successfully treated in all cases. In addition, all sexual partners of the past three months must be informed and also examined, even if they have not yet shown any signs of illness. You can protect yourself with condoms. (ad)

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