Back pain: the best tricks for DIY without lower back pain

Back pain: the best tricks for DIY without lower back pain

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Back-friendly work for hobby DIY enthusiasts
In the garden or in a cozy home: Millions of Germans are active as home improvement every now and then. Unfortunately, the respective activities can also lead to health problems. The back in particular is often overloaded. Pain can be prevented by working gently on the body.

Men in particular are often enthusiastic do-it-yourselfers
Regardless of whether wallpapering, re-flowing the bathroom or painting the walls: Many men in particular are passionate do-it-yourself types. Unfortunately, there are always typical handyman injuries, such as cuts or bruises. Back pain often occurs after working in the house or garden. Experts know how to prevent this.

Back-friendly work
Do-it-yourselfers who have to carry heavy loads such as materials and tools back and forth during construction, handicrafts and work should take care to pick up and put down the objects without damaging their backs.

This is pointed out by the DIY Academy in Cologne on its website. The experts explain there: "To crouch, crouch with a straight back, take up the load as close as possible to the body, keep your back straight when standing up and stretch your legs, not twisting your spine."

Always keep your back straight
For carrying, the experts recommend bending the arms and also keeping the weight as close as possible to the body. The back should always stay straight. If necessary, you can also use tools such as a hand truck.

If complaints nevertheless arise, special exercises for back pain or heat therapy can help. Further tips for back pain: strengthen muscles and exercise regularly. (ad)

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