Caffeine: Does coffee often lose its effectiveness in higher doses?

Caffeine: Does coffee often lose its effectiveness in higher doses?

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With high coffee consumption, caffeine loses its effect - is that true?
Coffee is popular among Germans as a pick-me-up. However, it is often claimed that caffeine is no longer as strong in people who drink a lot of coffee. But is that really true?

Coffee lovers love their pick-me-up
In the case of morning muffle, often nothing works at first without coffee. Quickly grab two or three cups of the hot brew in the morning and the day can begin. Coffee lovers shouldn't rely too much on the effects of caffeine, they say. Because the pick-me-up loses its effectiveness over time. In the beginning, one or two cups were enough to combat fatigue; after a long consumption, it would often have to be a whole pot. But is this assumption really correct?

"Perceived effect wears off"
"The perceived effect wears off," explained Dr. Tomislav Majic from the Charité Psychiatric University Clinic in St. Hedwig Hospital (Berlin) in a message from the dpa news agency. However, this effect only occurs with caffeine at high daily doses and is overall significantly less pronounced than with alcohol or illegal drugs.

In this context, one speaks of the so-called tolerance development: "The same dosage has a lower effect or you have to consume more for the same effect," says Majic. However, this habit is reversible: "If you reduced your coffee consumption again, less caffeine would have more effect after a while."

Little sleep affects the effects of caffeine
The effect of caffeine is also influenced by the respective night's sleep. For example, US researchers recently reported in the American Academy of Sleep Medicine magazine that coffee has no effect after a few nights of poor sleep. (ad)

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