Measles outbreak in refugee home

Measles outbreak in refugee home

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Measles in Thuringia - Four cases of illness in a refugee home
According to the Thuringian Ministry of Social Affairs, five measles cases have been registered in the east German state so far this year, four of them in a refugee home. Right-wing regulars keep trying to convince other people of an alleged health risk posed by asylum seekers.

Five measles cases this year
According to the Ministry of Social Affairs, five measles cases have been registered in Thuringia so far this year, reports the dpa news agency. Upon request, the ministry announced that four of them had only recently appeared at the refugee reception center in Gera.

According to the information, children of a newly arrived family of asylum seekers from Chechnya in the Caucasus were ill. Therefore, the facility is currently not accepting new refugees. In addition, the responsible health authority has imposed a temporary transfer freeze.

Measles doesn't just affect children
Measles is not a harmless childhood disease as is often assumed. They are highly contagious and weaken the immune system. The disease usually begins with fever, conjunctivitis, runny nose and cough. According to health experts, around one in ten patients in Germany experience additional complications such as otitis media, bronchitis or pneumonia. The last major outbreak in 2015 was in Thuringia.

Refugees are at risk
The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has long made it clear that there is no health risk from refugees, but right-wing regular brothers do not cease to conjure up supposed risks. Rather, asylum seekers are a vulnerable group because they often come from nations in which the health system is no longer functioning or is functioning poorly due to war and crises.

After the rapid spread of measles in a Berlin refugee home in October 2014, experts emphasized that it was due to the lack of vaccination protection in many Berliners that the disease continued to spread. (ad)

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